Shane and I were married almost 10 years and then in July of 2012 he met this whore at a bar (Shenaigans) in Huntsville Texas where all the whores go to pick up married men because they can’t find their own man. It changed mine and my 4 children’s lives. I blame both of them for destroying my marriage which I held sacred. || He left us in November to be with her. We divorced in May and they got married August 5th and shes pregnant (he doesn’t even know if its his baby) and shes due in November. He doesn’t have anything to do with our children, who are in counseling due to all of this. His entire family doesn’t have anything to do with him and doesn’t want to even meet her. She already has a kid that she doesn’t even raise. She’s disgusting but she can have him because hes not worth anything anymore. Trash + Trash = Trash. Karma and God will work this out in due time! What goes around comes around!