On 10/28/19 I placed 2 orders for 3 products on DHgate.com – all from the same seller called "ghitt_vc." This seller claimed that they do custom orders. I sent the seller multiple messages regarding my custom order requests. No response. I contacted DHgate Customer Service Live Chat MANY TIMES to see if they can contact the seller for me. They claimed they were sending him requests compelling him to respond. Nothing. Today, probably the 7th or 8th time I’ve contacted their customer service via Live Chat, the customer service agent (they all go by fake names btw – the most recent agent I spoke to was named "Barbie" – also had a guy in the Philippines tell me his name was "Jake.") told me that this seller was actually SUSPENDED FROM DHgate A FEW DAYS AFTER I PLACED MY ORDERS! Nobody told me that. So today I filed for refunds and I was told by one agent that the seller had 5 days to respond. Then the supervisor they transferred me to told me he has 7 days to respond. I explained that he’s NOT CURRENTLY A LIVE SELLER ON THEIR SITE and that he hasn’t responded to me OR DHgate since placing the orders, but they’re holding the money anyway.Bottom line here is that this site is a scam to collect personal information and credit card info. The "sellers" don’t exist, there is no product, and they take your money but refuse to give it back. Now I have to hire lawyers and contact FBI or other state department branches in order to get a refund AND have the company investigated. THIS IS A FRAUD COMPANY COLLECTING YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING THROUGH DHgate!