On January 12th, 2020 an email was recieved by victim offering possible future employment with DHL Express Company through PHL International Airport in the Ground Crew field. As part of the open position victim was asked to submit $99 for an CHRC (Criminal History Records Check) and fingerprints which covered (uniform, testing materials, and any other federal or state requirements pertinent to our specific job position or duties prior to orientation that was to be held on February 15th, 2020 upon completion of fingerprint and CHRC submission once selected and approved. If background clearance was not excepted the $99 was to reimbursed in full within 3 business days back to credit or debit card which was the only acceptable form of payment through online pay site (PayPal). Funds were to be submitted by 1/14/20 midnight or applicant may be excluded from hiring process, funds were immediately withdrawn from victims debit card upon completion of NEW HIRE FORM and entering ID # 49241 which was redirected from email link through www.cognitoforms.com