CARY a Individual Seeks CDL Drivers on Craigslist to put to work for 1 month-1 Year 1099 As a Past Independant Contractor driver, This Guy named Cary has Hired 6 drivers before getting to me. I talked to many drivers with same ( Dispatching Company ) and They all warned me who im working for. This guy is very Cheap, He will not fix his truck unless its gonna stop him from making money. Every day you have to use Starter Fluid to get the motor to turn over. Also, The truck motor has a major oil leak and needs to add Oil every 2 weeks. This Guy named Cary will soon avoid paying you… ignoring your calls and later Lock truck or hide the truck hoping you will never figure out where he is hiding out at. He Lives Large with a big house and nice car but can barley keep is truck in running condition and pay his drivers

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