I bought a diamond ring for my wife from these guys and the picture on their web site looked great. It was larger than life and spectacular. When the ring arrived, my wife opened the box and it was the most pathetic little thing that we had ever seen and we buy jewelry all the time on the web. It became obvious to us that the picture was extremely retouched and fabricated, because the actual ring was much smaller and the diamonds were of a much worse quality than what the picture showed. nWe will be returning this little ring immediately and will never shop with these guys again. This isn’t the place to buy jewelry if you want to impress your wife or girlfriend. The pictures look great, but the jewelry is nothing like the pictures. It is much smaller than the pictures would have you believe, and the diamonds are of much worse quality. nOn the picture of our ring, the diamonds were sparkling, but on the actual ring the diamonds were almost black. Their quality was terrible. nJohnnAnaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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