Hello, This review is about Diamond Nexus and how they ripped me off, by selling me a ring that was not worth more then 25.00 dollars if not less. The ring I chose was from their catalog so it is not on their website. I picked a ring from the catalog and since I wanted a different stone shape in the middle it had to be a custom order. We ordered the ring with my stone shape specifications and we picked a princess cut center diamond with two round diamonds on each side as well as three smaller stones going down the sides of the band on each side. The price for this ring was 1200 or 1300 if we wanted it gold so we decided to get it custom made with rodium. We completed the order and our ring was in the process of being made, supposedly it wouold take almost 30 days to create and recieve. I waited and waited, it took far longer but eventually after 1 month and 2 weeks I recieved the ring. The consultant that helped me was named Missy. From the look of the website I expected very pleasant customer service, but when I spoke to Missy she was extreamly rude and treated me like I was on roll call. Let’s keep in mind that this is coming from a girl who was hitched in Reno and was asking her husband for a fake diamond and rodium made ring. On top of that my only wish was to change the type of stone placed in the setting, so my desire’s for this ring were very simple. The ring arrives, it was not what I was expecting I almost wanted to cry. I should of listened to my husband who was willing to buy me something nicer if I choose to wait longer. I felt embarrassed. The band had scratches in it, one of the side stones was not even set properly and when I pulled out a couple of CZ stoned rings I had to compare next to this ring the sparkle was completely lacking. I could not believe it. 🙁 I spoke with them about my concerns and they took the ring back to fix the side stone but told me that I could not get a refund or return the item endless I was willing to pay another 1000.00 on top of the 700.00 I already paid to upgrade the ring. Two months later my finger broke out with a rash so I could no longer wear it, I called to talk to them about it. I called Atleast 4 or 5 times and had to deal with the rudest people about my situation, they all seemed annoyed and mad that I was not happy with the ring. Finally I spoke to a manager and he said rudely that I could go a head and exchange the ring for a equal or grater value if I pay the difference. Another ring I liked was a 200.00 dollar difference then what I had, but my husband was not willing to give them one more cent after how we had been treated and the ugly diamond that came in the ring we already owned, so we opted to take our loses. Doing more research down the road the literal retail value of the ring was no more then 25.00 dollars, so you do the math. I could have easily bought a ring off eBay for the same quality that I recieved if not better. They really fooled me that their man made diamonds were something special and of value even though they were in fact not real diamonds. I hope this helps anyone out their looking to save some money on a ring, make sure first that you are not in fact wasting it instead.

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