We originally bought just 2500 points at Sunterra, Sedona, AZ.nWe dealt directly with the sales manager because we were walking out without buying anything. We made one big mistake….not getting all the lies he told us in writing. Like most people we didn’t read the 100 page or so paperwork given us. I should have known better because I am fully aware of what a corrupt industry the timeshare industry is from former dealings.nWe bought for only one reason to be able to run our existing timeshare weeks thru their system as Club Select Members.nSince Diamond purchased them they are headed even further downhill.nPromises made and not kept…..we would always be notified if any points were about to expire or they would be automatically rolled over.nBecause we did not own an actual unit, we would only pay for the points each year(.10c each) How would you like to pay almost $700 a year for 2500 points? We lost 2850 points this year..This is one of the ways they make money, by cheating people out of points, just think how many there must be each year. nAnd…many more wonderful things, this wonderful company will do for you.. nI would never buy anything from them and I would like to tell the whole world if I could what crooks they are.nIf I can figure some way to get rid of my points , I will. I suppose I will have to pay someone to take them. nSamnCarson City, NevadaU.S.A.

10600 MWest Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.