I Contact this person because they or He has an ad online selling all kind of Parrots or Parrots Eggs , they write me like 10 times with the info and the prices i order 5 eggs of parrots to hatch them in an incubator he send his info to send the money by Western Union , after I send the money I send a copy of the receipt with the MTCN number and He answer me back telling me that he receipt the money and going to process the shipping and them he write me telling me that has some issue with the delivery that i need to buy an extra mini incubator that cost $200 more because of the new shipping policy after that I just tell him that we has to knew all of that and them i tell him that i want the refund back them he never answer me back so i decided to write him from a different email to verify and he send me all the same information and that he make the delivery in front of you door by flight …….. I ask him his address but never write me back to this email …… I know that i lost 340 dollars and ok but i don’t want any more people loose money buy this scammer ….