Kevin Kohlmeier the Vice President of International Sales and Business Development at Diamondback diamond tools inc. contacted me informing me that they had a big shipment of core bits that they needed to sale. He stated if I bought some he would give me 60 day billing. On March 16, 2019 I ordered eight concrete core bits, two were out of stock. I picked up the core bits from UPS on March 21, 2019. | About an hour later I received an alert from my bank telling me that they had charged my card to pay for the concrete core bits. I contacted Kevin and told him that you offered me 60 day billing, I need you to reverse the charge. He said let me contact my boss because I don’t process payments. He said I sent him a message, which I found funny because why wouldn’t you call him. | Some time passes no response, so I call his boss Patrick Lemieux Sr. And explain to him that Kevin had offered me 60 day billing and I needed him to reverse the charge. He said he would not do it, I usually take months to pay my bill. I explained to him those were the terms that his salesman offered. I told him I have proof of what I was telling him. He told me to email the documentation, I did. I call to make sure he received it, he doesn’t answer. A little bit later he sends me an email stating that he just received proof of the terms and let him call his salesman and workout the details. He said I’m always panic a lot and I’m not respectful, this is the first time I’ve ever dealt with him. | He said he would contact me within an hour. An hour goes by, no contact. Another hour goes by, no contact. I email him informing him that I made some big purchases and this is to overdraft my account, I need to know where we stand, no response. I email him again and tell him he’s lost me as a customer and I need him to contact me by 5:30pm, if not I going to start giving bad reviews. | He never answers my calls or emails, and Kevin blocks me so that I can’t contact him. I give bad reviews. I did not authorize Patrick to run a charge through my account, I’ve never signed anything stating he has permission to keep my information. Usually Kevin will contact me about payment, never just run a charge. Now there is absolutely no contact.


Name: DiamondBack Diamond Tools, Inc.

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Somerset

Address: 220 Davidson Ave

Phone: 862-227-4077