My family and I decided to go to Mark Writer’s shopping presentation as a buyers beware show. Mark Writer stated in his show that Diamonds International is the most reputable company in the Bahamas. He stated 100% guarantee of the price and the value of the stone. nWhen I came back to the states I decided to go get the stone looked at by a local jeweler to see what kind of setting would be the best and exentuate it the best. The jeweler and I started talking about the price and he told me I paid to much money for the stone. nI decided to have a full appraisal on the tanzanite before I had it set. I also contacted a representative at Diamonds International for their requirements. Diamonds International told me that I had to have an appraisal through a person that does not sell or have any part of gems stones, diamonds, or jewelry. nThe appraiser stated to me that the cut was fair and the appraised amount was $500 less of what I paid for the tanzanite I purchased. I have been in contact with Diamonds International and the only thing they could recommend to me is a $400 store credit or to send my stone back and receive a full store credit. nI do not wish to have a store credit. I would like my money back. Diamonds International is a full ripoff company. nPatricianTaylor, MichiganU.S.A.

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