In January 2013, I inquired about a New York City vacation rental for a Labor Day vacation. I communicated with Daniel Bahk of Dias Dara Inc regarding an apartment that was within our vacation budget. Once we agreed on a price and availability, Daniel requested a refundable $150 security deposit plus 30% of the total rental price ($192). He sent me invoices for both of these through Paypal, and requested that I send the payments separately because it would be easier for him to refund the $150 security deposit at the end of our trip. I received the invoices, paid the bills, received the rental agreement, and waited patiently for our trip. Once month before our vacation, I emailed Daniel to see if he had any suggestions of things to do while in New York and to confirm that everything was in order for the trip. In the rental agreement, there were instructions, including the code for the key box, of how to get into the apartment upon arrival. I figured that I didn’t really need to speak with him, but that it would give me peace of mind. He did not respond. I emailed Daniel again 2 weeks before our trip. No response. I began googling his name, business, name, phone number, etc. I was able to cross reference him to another rental agency with a different phone number. I called that number and spoke to a lady by the name of Ellie. I quickly looked up my rental agreement and found that Ellie was listed as a staff person for Dias Dara Inc. She said that she would have Daniel contact me. I did not get any response via email or phone call. At 11:30 p.m. on the night before we flew out for our vacation, less than 12 hours before my flight, I received an email from Daniel stating that our reservation had been canceled and that he would call me to make other accomodations. At first I was shocked and confused, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and figured something must have happened and that he must have another place for us to stay. I called him on my way to the airport and got his voicemail. I received an email from Daniel approximately 1 1/2 hours before my flight stating that the apartment was now closed and that he had no other accomodations for us. He asked for a return email to confirm the cancellation and to confirm that he could refund our deposit. I responded with a bunch of questions, and asked that he refund our money. His next response was that we should see the refund with 2-3 days on my credit card. He also stated that their was an ownership change, which is why the apartment was no longer available. I then requested that he send the refund immediately, through Paypal, as that is the method that I paid. He agreed he would and that we should see it within one hour. I have not seen a refund yet and he will not return any emails or phone calls. We were forced to find last minute accomodations on our own.

415 Titus Way East East Williston, New York USA