I received a robo call voice mail on my home phone that they my name, first, middle initial and last name that sounded like an inserted message. Message stated they are a debt collection agency & left a number. I knew I didn’t have anything that required collections. Typically these notices are sent via mail. I called back the number. The person who answers would not tell me their name, the company they are representing nor on whose behalf they are calling for. I asked repeatedly got the same reply, they tried to get my date of birth & I told the person he was a P.O.S. for trying to scam people out of their personal information. I never answer calls of numbers I don’t know, nor return them. For some reason I did on this one. I called the local police dept & all they told me was to never answer calls from numbers you don’t know since they can access your information from your phone.Hoping that people who might be more vulnerable (such as the elderly) don’t get taken advantage of. That happened to our great aunt & my father-in-law spent months trying to fix the damage.