Dietbet accepted a $25 credit card payment with the terms I would lose 3% of my body weight and split the collective pot with the other contestants who won that round. The dates of the bet were from May 29, 2015 to June 28, 2015. I followed the rules and submitted 2 verified weigh-ins. The first weigh-in was verified for the start of the bet. The second weigh-in was submitted for the end of the bet (picture attached). I lost the required weight of 3% and met my goal. Dietbet refused to grant me the winnings and kept the $25. Dietbet stated my weigh-in was a "token" weigh-in and not an "official" weigh-in. The alerts I received from Dietbet did not specify which type of weigh-in was submitted. I had also submitted an "official" weigh-in for a different dietbet on the same day. Dietbet received 2 official weigh-ins from me for the appropriate amount of weight loss within the specified time range; however, Dietbet not comply with their end of the agreement.In addition, a bug in their system stated, "Round 2 of The Transformer (April 29 – Oct 28) has finalized. You lost 272.5 lbs but did not reach your goal." I did not lose 272.5 lbs. I lost 10 lbs.Due to the misleading information and technological errors, I am filing a complaint against Dietbet for the $25 they erroneously kept. I attempted to work through this issue with Dietbet support; however, they refused to refund the money.Based on the feedback I’ve read on their forums they are already aware of this issue. Other people have also been scammed in a similar fashion. I’d like to see Dietbet correct their alerts so this does not continue to happen. I would also like to be refunded the $25 I am owed.