Digital Success Internet Coaching Makes Misleading Claims and Charges Big Dollars


My Complaint: In January, 2014, I found an ad online about the potential for earning supplementary income at home. I contacted On-Line Profit Stream- a company that has had MANY fraud complaints since then- and for $97, I could get the training on how to do this. (I never did receive anything from this company. They apparently were merely a “gateway” to Digital Success.) Almost immediately, I received a call from Digital Success Institute, who told me I couldn’t hope to be successful in an at-home, online business, unless I had coaching/training on how to do so. The presentation seemed reasonable, and offered promise of a profitable retail website. Although I was never told how much money I would earn, they insisted I set a goal. My goal, which I just “pulled out of the air,” was $3000/mo., and they indicated that was reasonable, “if I was willing to put forth the effort to succeed.”
The cost of the program was approx. $12,500, which I ignorantly paid. Then, my weekly “coaching” began, complete with weekly assignments, research, instruction, and plans to build my own website (Ignite Web Builders- another extremely questionable company!). Also, I began to get calls regularly, from other companies, informing me I needed OTHER services, at the cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars, and I would not be able to succeed without them. These services ranged from marketing companies, to listers of wholesale/dropshippers, to tax consultants, to website developers, etc. Later, after my “website” was established, I received dozens of calls from other web building companies, informing me of the impossibility of my website ever being noticed by search engines, because it was built from an overworked template. In the process, my “coaching” began to include such things as the need to learn how to write my own meta codes, to enhance my “website.”

At this point- about halfway through the program- I realized I was in “over my head,” and contacted Digital Success to ask for a partial refund, knowing this was not going to work for me. I was told this was not possible, and they did not give any refunds.

From the start, I feel I was misled by what they DIDN’T tell me, and that I was induced into making a major purchase, the debt of which I am still carrying, with unrealistic promises. I was told to expect to be earning income the first six months, and after a year, I have netted ZERO dollars.
I feel this company misrepresents itself and its product, and that I should receive at least a partial refund.


My Demand: Partial money back