Complaint: Michael is 100% correct – He does not find any defect in our work/competency He paid $600 for wireframe /MVP/Prototype He signed the contract for job. We completed the pro type/MVP and gave it to him We take partial help from offshore in testing and debugging to keep the cost low but keep our quality control and project management here locally in US. Any project which can be completed in $50,000 – we complete in just $5K. Michael initially projected that he had direct relationship with Bill Gates and in reality he even did not have $5k for a Dating App like eHarmony which we came to know later. He confirmed that he is coming to San Francisco to meet investors and we being poor programmers should arrange for accomodation . dinner . bear as well as breakfast next day. He and his colleague had a very rich dinner on our cost with four bears and he wanted few bottles more at the cost of programmers. Developers spent 3 + 3 hours to do analysis of his mobile app. Next day when we submitted the proposal of his mobile app for 5k – he backed out that he even did not have that money and wanted his $600 back . He wanted to develop a Dating App better than eHarmony in less than $5k. By that time we had given the money to developers who completed the demo/ wireframe. He started calling us day and night some time at 11 pm in night and some time at 4am in morning threatening us and abusing us. He owes us cost of heavy dinner plus 4 bears , 6 hours of development time plus cost of mvp. We are poor programmers canu2019t afford this. Our better Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating can be viewed here. Because unlike yelp ,Ripped off ,Better Business Bureau ( BBB) never publishes any adverse report without verification of signed contract. We have written contract from Michael for completing wire frame which we delivered to him in time and client never complained about our work. Our local development manager had 20 experiences in US working with esteemed organizations like VISA, Wells Fargo and Bank of America etc and had a Master degree in Computer Science /Management.

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Address: Fremont, California United States