Complaint: Just before Christmas, 2011, I was notified by my brothers group home that he was being discharged and would no longer receive services. I notified my employer, Dillard’s, Inc., that I would need time off under FMLA to help him transistion into my home. Dillard’s allows employees to accrue up to 80 hours of sick leave. Their policies are so loosely written that it gives them the ability to interpret them however they see fit. They told me that I could not use my sick leave, that I had to use my vacation leave, for paid time during my FMLA. They told me that the policy means that I only can use sick leave if I am sick, not for any family member. The policy doesn’t say that. It only says that “regular employees”” (not temporary or seasonal) are eligible for sick leave. That indicates the ability to accrue the leave

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Address: not how it is used. I wrote a letter to the personnel department

Website: Inc. has a form that employees can complete and file to have an action reviewed. I filled out the form and sent it

Phone: and they still denied my sick leave request. I took the FMLA leave of approximately 114 hours. I was paid 67 hours of vacation time. Because they refused to pay sick leave out