Oh dear. I should have read the reviews on Yelp.com much sooner! I went to Yelp.com a few days ago to write a review aftering being really hurt by the company, and from the way they painted the picture of themselves, they made it sound like I was the first person on earth to ever have a problem with them. Well, I am completely relieved to see all the other negative reviews. We rented a house a few weeks ago, and then also ran into the over the top expectations of the ‘cleaning contract’. They charge you almost $300 to clean the house when you first rent the house, and then want you to mop/strip the beds/ put away allllll the dishes…etc. We made the mistake of not noticing this part of the contract until we checked out (our fault), but was then slammed with a $175 bill. On top of the original cleaning charge! I reached out to the company and tried to have a discussion about it (and I brought up other issues we had had with the property, like it being infested with ants and having lots of construction on the property, and hoped we could find a compromise), but they were only interested in keeping as much money from us as possible. It feels like a wonderful way for them to make a little extra money.I exchanged about 10 emails with ‘Stace’, and not once did she ever apologize, or listen to anything that was wrong with our stay. Honestly, if they would have actually acknowledged anything I had brought up, the frustration would have been diffused immediately. She instead stayed focus on getting her $175. I did a chargeback on the credit card (not for the full amount, because I wanted to be fair and pay for the time it would have taken a cleaning person to strip the beds and put the dishes away because we did indeed leave those undone). However, again, instead of trying to talk it through, Stace wanted to escalate to small claims court! They kept saying that we left the house a complete ‘mess’. We decided to rent a house for the weekend because we didn’t want to have to deal with bedding/mopping etc. We have rented dozens of houses in the past and have never, ever been asked to mop or deal with linens, so that is why we didn’t realize that part of the contract. We just wanted to focus on our friends and children. So, we accidently didn’t strip the beds. We didn’t put the clean dishes away. We left some children’s toys out. These things don’t cost $175 to fix, and why on earth wasn’t it budgeted for in the original cleaning charge to strip beds?!They were also angry that they didn’t come to check on the house for a WEEK after we left, and it had rained in between our departure and them checking on the house. A tennis racquet had been accidently left outside. So now that is our fault, too, that it got wet. Anyway, you get the picture. I recommend taking photos of the house before you leave. That way you will have something when they add the cleaning charge to your bill. Or ask them to do a walk through with you. Because I know that’s what you want to be worrying about during your vacation. I have never encountered a more negative business in my life. Read the other reviews on yelp.com and be warned! Oh, they also said they have had 4 other chargebacks in the past. Yikes!

PO Box 366 Guerneville, California USA

1 (866) 241-7929