So here’s a business I recommend no one ever visits here in Scottsdale. I got a call last night telling me that I had won a weeks paid vacation and a iPad for a draw I had entered the week before. We talked, and the customer service rep proceeds to tell me that I wasn’t eligible because I wasn’t 25 yet (I’m 23), but if I brought a significant other with me that was, it would be ok. He also mentioned that is there was any complication I would still get a $100 gift card to the store. So I rearrange my day, have my S.O take time from work, and I drive an hour out of my way to get to the store, just so the manager there can keep me waiting for half an hour to tell me in a VERY un-sypathetic manner that there was a mistake and that I wasn’t eligible for anything, not even the gift card, since I (the winner) was not 25. Then he walked off without making an effort to propose any kind of solution. I then asked the receptionist if there was any way I could give my winnings to be friend that is 25 and he just looked at me like I was an idiot, smirked and said no. Thanks #DirectBuy for that astonishing customer service!

7400 E Tierra Buena Ln #105AZ Scottsdale, Arizona USA

(480) 999-1140

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