WARNIG: Direct Energy bills people for water heaters that do not belong to them. Beware that Direct Energy sends individuals to inspect water heaters and furnaces in homes and then takes the serial numbers of your appliances to enter that information into their systems. Later on, they will begin to charge you for rental of items that do not belong to them. Around the year 2001, I by mistake allowed one of their representatives to enter into my house and few months later they began to bill me throught the gas company without my knowledge for a water heater that belonged to me and not to them. After I realized that I was being charged for my own water heater and some years of trying to solve the dispute (because they love to delay resolution of the issue to continue charging money); in the year 2013 I ended up allowing them to remove (steal) my water heater, all in the hope of not paying more money, not wasting more time and not being harassed by them. However, few weeks ago, I began to receive collection calls with no explanation about the actual reason for the charges. In other words, 2 years after I allowed them to steal my water heater and got into an agrement that after giving the tank I would no longer be charged, they misteriously managed to fabricate another bill. Additionally, not only did they failed to provide proof of ownership (like a receipt showing a list of the serial numbers of the water heaters they allege to own) all these years, or copy of a rental contract with me or with the previous owner of this house, they conveniently say that if I want a copy of any document to clarify this new bill, I need to pay $75 dollars! Of course, any dishonest company like Direct Energy can really mess up the good credit history of a person. But as I never steel anything from anyone, why should I open my wallet for them to take money I do not owe them? What garantee has a person that after paying a fabricated bill they are not going to create another fictitious bill in the future? In summary, BEWARE of Direct Energy. If any one appears from that company into your house DO NOT let them in. They are theives and they will still data they will use to bill your for things they do not own.

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