i was searching for a lender who accepts bad credit, and i applied for a loan with this company. A woman named Ashley Summers called and then emailed the loan application to me. i filled it out and sent it back by email. The next day she called again and said that the loan was granted, however because of the bad credit we would have to send 3 months payments in as a security on the loan, $450. She said that we only had 5 days to get everything done, and that the lender needed the money sent by Western Union. She gave me a name, Colin Walsh, to send it to in Ottowa, Canada where the lender was. i did that and called Ashley as she said for me to do. She guaranteed me that the money would be in my band in about 3 hours. That time came and went and i called her back. She then said that i needed to send an additional $450 in order to get the loan. At that point i started asking questions. Questions that she couldn’t answer, like, why didn’t she tell me that earlier? i also told her that i needed my money refunded, which was in the contract. She then said i would need to hang up and call another extension and talk to Emily Belle. i told her that she needed to just transfer me to Emily, that i wasn’t going to hang up and call back. Emily Belle then started being very rude, but agreed to the refund. She told me that she was "The highest person there", and there was "nobody higher than her". When i asked who the lender was so i could call them about the refund she said she "Can’t just give us the name because that’s doing her job". She was very rude and also could not answer the same questions i asked Ashley. i asked when i could expect the refund and she said 25-30 days. i then asked why i only had 5 days to send them the money but it would take that long to refund it and her reply was that "that’s what [she] tells everybody".Looking back, i should have realized sooner that this place was a scam. They say that their website is secure, however there is no lock before the URL, which i learned means a secure site. Hopefully nobody else falls victim to their malicious ways of taking advantage of people who honestly need help.