Direct TV offered a 90 day free movie channels and refused to delete them until the 90 days were up. I called on the date directed by Direct TV rep and was assured the movie channels would be deleted and I would not get billed for them. My last two bills included the charges. They finally agreed to cancel the charges but charged me a $16 cancellation fee. Next a $5.88 monthly fee was added to my bill for warranty in case the system needed service. I called and told them I didn’t approve this charge and it was to be removed from my bill. I was told a $10.00 charge would be assessed for the cancellation. I wonder how many of the thousands of customers of Direct TV are charged for items they didn’t want, or didn’t notice the addition to their monthly bill. This is out and out fraud and authorities and the general public should be make aware of Direct TV’s lack of business ethics.

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