Today I stood in front of Directbuy with a sign advertising and the fact that Directbuy ( By the way also type in Direct buy as two words as well as Directbuy one word in your search. You will get allot more information.) Anyway the signs advertised this site and the fact that Directbuy ripped me off. The manager Dean came out right away and told me that the sales people might hurt me if I was to stay there and hold my signs.I was physically threatened by Directbuy. Then Dean told me that he was going to call the police and I informed him that I already did to make sure that what I was doing was legal. Police came and told me that I was ok with my signs as long as I did not block traffic or walk on their property. Later that day another police car came and informed me that I had blocked cars from entering Direct buy and that Directbuy had video of this. I told the officer that I did not do this and that he should go back to them and view this video that Directbuy states that they have, and also inform Direct buy that a false Police report/complaint is illegal. The officer came back and informed me that they could not get the video at that time.Direct Buy lied to the police to try and get me falsely arrested!During my time of holding up my sign I had the opportunity to talk to many people. Even employees who also had problems with Direct buy.One young couple came there with a invitation to join. They told me after their visit that direct buys payment plan was $490.00 down, $250.00 per month for the first two years, then $159.00 per month for the next 8 years. Or $5,000.00 paid in full today. When I got home I figured out what this payment plan interest was and I came up with almost 40% interest. This would come to $21,154.00 over ten years.What the heck kind of scam is this?40% interest is that legal in Florida.? I don’t think so!My personal problem with Directbuy of Fort Myers Florida in a short version is. I was a member, I ordered many things as I was building a house. I ordered $20,000.00 worth of top line Omega cabinets and had many problems with them, wrong parts, wrong stain, and the two biggest was that the top cabinet doors did not match the bottom cabinet doors, Now you would think that this would be a easy cure but not for Directbut as you will soon understand. My second problem was that one custom cabinet piece was out of square. Direct buy did nothing to help cure my problem in fact due to my unhappiness of what they were doing for me they added insult to injury by voiding my membership that I paid almost $5,000.00 for.So to understand this completely. If you do have a problem at Direct Buy you must live with it or get kicked out. They also made up a few lies about me in order to aid their reason to void my membership. This kind of goes along with the false police report.I have since learned many other deceptive and unethical practices concerning DirectBuy so as not to bore you even more leave it to say be very aware.Hate directbuynFt. Myers, FloridaU.S.A.

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