I was approached by two young people in Sam’s Club regarding Directtv. They gave me false information. I was fed a bunch of lies. I was told since Directtv merged w/at&t that the service had significantly improved since the last time I had service in my home. I was assured that I would be given a $300 gift card to use at Sam’s Club upon installation. 1st Lie, 2nd Lie: I would receive a state of the art satellite that would he red in color. Not only did they lie, they used the same sattelite dish that was from the previous service! 3rd lie: I would receive all channels including basic, Yankee’s games and game show network. All lies, and to top it off they deducted $285.26 out of my credit/debit card and refuse to return it after having lied and told me that I would receive a refund because I cancelled services within 48 hrs. I was told conflicting information by several different representatives and wasted hours of my time and to no AVAIL!!!