I received a phone call saying Direct TV is in a promotion with Amazon to reduce my monthly payments for 2 years. I would pay $49 for six months upfront for a total of $299.94 and $49 per month for the remaining l8 months. They tell you to get an e gift card from Amazon in that amount, you will get a code and when you get the card, they give you a number to call l-888-406-9730 who will then instruct you to send that e gift card to Direct TV. You will also receive a visa card for yourself for $100 in the mail. When I got my bill from Direct TV I saw this never happened. I called them at their numerous offices (mostly in the Philippines) and was told Direct TV was aware of the scam and investigating it. What I want to know is why they never informed their customers to be aware of these phone calls. I called that l 888 number an hour ago and they are still operative. When I told them they were scamming people, they said no??.this is legitimate and wanted to know my acct. number at Direct TV (of course, I didn?t give it to them). They put me on hold for 20 minutes until I finally hung up. Update: As of 15 minutes ago, that number just rings and an automated voice comes on and says there is no one to answer call right now. I am so furious that Direct TV never let their customers know about this scam and of course, I feel like the biggest idiot falling for it and being out $300. I feel they are responsible for my loss of $300 since they failed to inform me of this scam. They never sent any notification out to their customers who would have been aware not to fall for it.