On 7-2-14, I purchased Brazilian Flooring from TheDiscountFlooringCom.com for $6,546.48. I have a copy of the invoice, which I received via email. NOTE: No where on the invoice does it mention any thing about what happens if defective material, who pays for shipping, etc., SEE ITEM # 1. Why would the customer pay shipping and re-stocking fees for defective material? On 7-10-14, the hardwood flooring material arrived at my house, around 6:00 PM (2-hours late). I opened a numerous pieces of flooring to inspect the material and noticed that the product didn’t fit tightly (1/16″ to 1/8″” play in the tongue and grooves). THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND I REFUSED THE MATERIAL. Even the Driver from the shipping company who was delivering the material statement the material was u201cjunku201d and he wouldnu2019t installed it. He said he was a builder for 25+ years in New Jersey and agreed there was a problem with the material. I am a registered RI Contractor with 20+ yearsu2019 experience and have installed many wood flooring

and have never come across material like this

which is the reason I refused the material. On 7-11-14

I emailed Discount Flooring and let him know the situation. He called me back later that same morning and kept insisting there is nothing wrong with the flooring

even though he has never seen the material? How can he possibly make such a statement? He ruled out any possibility of any issues