I was seeking a loan for a dental procedure and applied to Discover Lending Group. They sent me an email saying I was approved. The terms of the loan were very good. They kept telling me that the $10000.00 would be deposited to my bank account immediately. That did not happen. The representative was named Clayton Price. After many calls to him, he advised me that as I was high risk he would need me to provide them with $750.00 security for insurance. It was to be provided to a broker named Briani Butler. I sent an etransfer. The money still didn’t arrive and I was told Briani had left for the day so to send it to Cheron Bowen, another broker.After many many more calls to Clayton Price, he advised me that I was still too high risk so he needed another $980.00 sent to Cheron Bowen which I stupidly sent. I had borrowed this money to pay to them.The loan funds still were not deposited so once again, he said he needed another $800.00 for Ontario sales tax. I refused. He disconnected the call as I was not being pleasant with him and I was not complying.I told him to return my $1730.00 immediately. He said 2-6 weeks. I told him not good enough. Immediately. I emailed all the contacts I have received emails from and the 2 so called brokers to advise them of the fraud. I have emailed them several times with no responses and no funds returned.Too late, I tried to find information on Discover Lending Group. They are listed as mortgage brokers in Kitchener. As well, checking the BBB for Kitchener, I found information about a company named Westbank Lending Group, Advance Fee Lenders, one of the principles being a Stacey Miller who is also one of thePersons who has emailed me.As of this moment, the funds have not been deposited to my account. I suppose they never will be.