I owe discover card a bill. Before I went default I called Discover to put stop payment for two months of october november 2012, but they did not do it. I called back in October or November to see why they did not stop the payment, and they said I never called. So due to them not stopping it, my bank account went negative and I could not pay for that either. Discovers response was that it was my banks fault. A few months ago they sent a note saying to appear in court, but the appearance was before the postal stamped date, so obviously . I could not show up for the hearing. Now on my credit report, Discover says I used to live on Marigold, which I did not. My boyfriend lives there, I visit. How about my boyfriend after him, or other after that. How about my address where I really lived in NH? Thats not on my credit report. So now, Discover is harrassing my family members which I do no appreciate. It is none of my family’s business except for my mother who I live with. Discover calls all hours of the day and night. I m not employed all year long. I understand I owe Discover, but they owe me too. If they continue harrassement, I will not pay. .

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