Complaint: Where do I begin! I bought 10 discus fish from Robert “Rob”” Pereda Jr and I truly say “”I GOT ROBBED””! I am extremely disappointed in what I got. Three (3) arrrived DEAD! Stinking and rotting. So Gross! Several were well UNDER the 2 inch advertised. Most had severe peppering all across them. Two had fin rot and one was actually missing an eye!! I have made purchases in the past from two other online fish stores and always had recieved all the fish alive and healthy. I wish I had stayed with them. When I contacted Rob Pereda all he had was excuses and would not credit me as I could not send a video/picture within his ridicously 1/2 hour of delivery. Who does that! It’s all a big SCAM by Rob to get out of having to stand behind his quality of fish. I really dont think it would have made a difference as he wont send replacements or refund your money back. Just a store credit and then YOU have to pay for shipping again. I will never buy from this guy again as his sick infected fish killed my already established tank full of over $1000 worth of livestock. Do not buy from this seller as he will “”rob”” you!”

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Address: New York United States


Phone: 908-367-1374