Complaint: I was in the market for lower cost internet and satellite so I looked online and my area is limited in choices. Dish Network was advertising a lower cost service. So I spoke with several different people. They made me go through a credit check and give out my address and phone number multiple times and my social (to obstensibly get my credit report). OK we had scheduled my “free”” installation for Saturday April 11

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Address: 2015 for my appointment. As this package supposedly also included internet I was directed to the internet department. Yet again I am asked for the same information all over again when I am under the impression it’s all been taken care of. When I get to the internet department due to an issue with my provider from over a year ago I am told I’d have to pay that balance first. Now remember I was told everything was taken care of and we were good to go. OK so I tell the lady I’m talking to my funds won’t allow me to pay off that debt at this current time. She’s begging and saying she will give me a $100 credit towards the new service if I will stay with Dish and Earthlink (Time Warner Cable). OK I run out of time and she’s supposed to call me the following day. I miss the call and call back. Where as I have to go through the same identifying process as before and yet another credit check and this is where I said NO! I called when I arrived home and had whom I thought was the right person assure me my service installation had been cancelled. Then he says now you have to call the financial department to get the $41.64 refunded. I said but you told me you were the finance department. he said no. Gave me another number. I call this time and I’m furious. I told the guy to put that money back in my account immediately. He said he had taken care of it. OK I get up this morning and the $41.64 is still sitting there but as a pending transaction (hasn’t posted yet). However then I see yet another charge of $49.99. Imagine my shock and fury. I call the company and he immediately starts in on wanting all my information for what is about the 7th time when I in no uncertain terms tell him to put my money back immediately. This is a scam and a ripoff. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau today and going to my bank and dispute the charges and hopefully by this report it will never happy to anyone else. The $49.99 as an unauthorized charge. I hope someone does something about these people.”


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