I concur with report #1296861. They called claiming to represent Marriott and offered a free 5/6 all inclusive resort stay. They also added a 7/8 cruise PLUS another all inclusive 4/5 resort stay. They pointed me to a generic website for “Distant Palms Vacations” with very little information. They recorded me approving the deal and then when I got the documents through email, there were many discrepancies. I did an internet search on their phone number and found it connected to Priceless Times, a well documented scam company. Fortunately, Citibank was on it and reversed the charge when I called them immediately. It’s all a scam, hang up on them!!


Name: Distant Palms Vacations

Country: Mexico


City: CancĂșn


Phone: 1-800-901-2497

Website: distantpalmsvacations.com