Hi everyone. I am hoping that whoever is reading this, has stopped by this site prior to purchasing from divaslacewigs. | My insurance paid nearly $1000 for a wig from this place because I suffer from a condition called alopecia totalis. Needless to say, getting them to do this was a feat within itself. The owner whos name is Charly Sanders seems to have the sweetest personality. She was very helpful in getting everything processed. I thought she was doing me a favor by helping me out. That really wasn’t the case. It was only because she was helping herself to the money they would be getting from this transaction. | I emailed her a pic of the hair texture that iI wanted and all of the specifications beforehand. When I got the wig I thought it was cute, but it wasn’t what we discussed. I wanted the deep wavy/curly hair. When I got it it looked as if someone had hot rolled it with a curling iron. | I wet it to see if the curls would stay – just one little peice. 95 percent of the curl was gone without me putting anything else in it but water. I didn’t even comb it. | I called and emailed her about my dissappointment with this wig. I told her about this and everyhting else I thought was wrong with it. Of course she didn’t see most of the things I pointed out, but fine. I just wanted a quality wig I could wear without having to worry about it messing up a couple months down the line. | Since my main complaint about the wig was its texture, I want to focus on how she went about “rectifying” the situation. Thank goodness she couldn’t deny that the texture was way off. At first she acted as if she didn’t know I wanted the wig to be deep wavy/curly “in its natural state”! Huh??? I didn’t ask for her to style a straight haired wig and curl it. But anyway… | She had the wig reprocessed with whatever they used, on top of whatever they had already processed it with in the beginning. She didn’t get a wig with the hair texture I asked for in the !st place. I guess that would have eaten up too much of her profits. Forget about doing what’s right. Oh no! She said THAT wig was mine | After waiting a good bit for her to return it, I looked at it and was thinking it looks decent. I did the water test again and a lot of the curl left. Since the wig was MINE I put it on combed it out with a wide tooth comb and wet it so the curls could be uniform. (Please keep in mind this is day one.) My wig retained maybe 15% of its curl and the rest of the hair looked like an afro. Not at all what I wanted. The hair is fried because of all those chemicals that was put in it. | When I posted my review of the wig on her facebook page, she was obviously annoyed at the fact that I did so. So she replied that the wig was paid for with medical assistance. I guess she thought I’d be embarrassed. Not at all. I have a legit medical condition. I have and still do pay my taxes. I think she should should have kept that fact to herself, being that she basically scammed taxpayers out of that money selling this crap. But it’s all good.


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