Yesterday I received a letter from "Publisher’s Clearing House" informing me I was a second place winner in the 100 Million Dollars Cash Giveaway Promotion sponsored by Reader’s Digest, Mega Millions and Multi-State Lottery Association. The total amount to be claimed for my win is 2.5 million – Congratulations!With the letter is a check drawn on Bank of America in the amount of $8713.00 from Diversco – 105 Diversco Drive – Spartanburg, SC. The check is to cover insurance and attorney fees.Contact Claim Manager without delay before depositing this check. 1 647 717 5423 or 1 647 710 6292.As required by state and federal law, my security code and prize information must be kept confidential. I am precluded from discussing my win with third party.There were, of course, a lot more words in this letter – I am just giving the pertinent information.Also in the letter is an image of MY $2.5 million check drawn on Chase from Publishers Clearing House