Mike Murphy has no professional business practices. He tells you what you want to hear to sell you a product. I agreed to have 2 garage doors installed and gave Mike a deposit for more than 10%, what I later found out was an illegal amount to charge. Mike stated that someone would contact me in 2 days to set up a install date. Two days later the deposit check was cashed and no one ever contacted me. I began to call the company, I found several phone numbers which all went to a call service. I also had Mike’s cell # which he never answered and his voice mail was full. I finally left a message for the answering service that if I did not receive a return call that I would begin legal action. After the fact I began to research the company and found several of the same type of complaints. I have since reported this to the CA Contractors Board. Just be aware and don’t get Ripped Off as I did.

711 West 17th St. costa mesa, ca. suite 1a Internet United States of America



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