We received a post card in the mail, decided to follow up on it. We are a part of another vacation service company and love it. Thought we could supplement with this one if it was legit. Looked on line to see if there was anything adverse and found nothing really bad. Went to Lancaster, PA and met with them. Bought into the plan. After getting home and not being able to get into the website to find any more than advertisements and calling the 1-888 numbers to get only music, we decided to cancel. I could not find any phone number to call on our paperwork. I could not believe we were so stupid. Called my credit card company and got phone number from them and put a hold on the charge they had already posted. I could not find anything in our paperwork about how many days we had to cancel, only the sheet that had allow three business days before logging onto the website with our password. It was the third business day that we called them and found they were located in Reston, VA, their Corp. Office. They argued the three business days…told me it was three calendar days. They told me to send the book back to them as well as a letter stating our cancellation and have it postmarked May 18, that day. I faxed them the letter as well. They told me they would be sending a letter to me. Thought all was well until I got my credit card statement and they still charged me! June 8 and it is still going on! They told me at their office they could not find my letter, did not have my contract, needed to get from PA office. There is no office in PA. Finally got hold of Ron Hoczur, Director of Member Services of which the person I called in Wash DC office, did not know but I fine that he works out of DC. So, we are disputing with our credit card company to not have the charge posted. Ron sent me all the pages of our contract….including the most important page which somehow they let out of our package declaring the three calendar days! I am going to have my lawyer look at it an see if indeed we can get out of it. It may not be full scam but they are very evasive and deceitful. Don’t get involved with these people!!!!

12020 Sun Rise Valley Dr. Reston, Virginia United States of America



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