We had have a large Cottonwood tree in our front yard that dropped a 17″ dia limb on our house. He spotted it and said he would remove it for us. Well he did a fine job doing that but had to have him drag the pieces to the curb. Then he offered to trim the rest of the limb off the tree and trim the pecan tree next to the house. The complaint is this guy has as much knowledge on trimming a tree as a redneck with a chainsaw in the woods. We asked him to trim the remaining limb back to the tree

and the other large limbs from the pecan tree back to the tree. He tells us that isn’t how you do it. He cut a limb off 6 ft from the main trunk and says that’s how you do it. We asked him that is what we won’t and he wouldn’t do it. He was suppose to come back and trim the rest of the pecan tree after we paid him and he didn’t. Do not use this person. Last week he comes by again to try and con us saying a big limb has fallen and is just hanging on another limb in the pecan tree and was about to fall on the house. I told him I wasn’t interested in his service. Well he came by again this week and tried again. The limb he says that had fallen was still green and vibrant and hadn’t fell like he said it had. I proceeded to tell him to get off my yard and explain why because of his last BIG DEAL a few years before

trimming a limb 6 ft from the trunk of the tree and leaving it. I told him we had to hire a REAL TREE company to fix his mess. He backed up and got in his truck and left. DO NOT USE THIS PERSON


813 MIMOSA DR, Garland, Texas 75040 GARLAND, Texas United States of America