I have made a down payment on a Rottweiler puppy (2nd pick) from DKV Rottweilers and when the due date came around we were notified by the breeder that dog had a falls pregnancy. Our hearts were broken since we waited such a long time for a puppy. When we made a call to the breeder to get his resolution to the issue and just to ask couple of questions, i was told that he does not understand why he had to explain himself over and over since it was a falls pregnancy and that there is nothing he needs to explain to me. Only thing he told me is that he needs to take care of the client with the first pick puppy and made me feel like my $3000 was not worth his time! After this conversation I was very disappointed and disrespected as a clint of his. I decied to send him an email requesting my deposit back due to his service failure. I have sent an email requesting the deposit back on 11/02/2017 and up to this date never recieved email reply! We wanted to get a puppy by Christmas like i was originaly promised by DKV Rottweilers. I have not yet received email or phone call back from DKV Rottweilers on resolution to his service failure. I understand falls pregnancies do happen but being professional as he claims to be is far fetched. In my opinion this breeder is out there to get your money and would not recomend anybody dealing with this unkind human / breeder. Fortunatelly we have found a great Rottweiler breeder in Olney, IL named Kevin (Washburn Farms)one of the most honest and kind breeders out there. Strongly recomended! God bless you and be safe from unprofessional and dishonest breeders out there.

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