Complaint: I didn’t work for DMB Times very long. I was just in the training part of it. I got fired because I didn’t sign in right when I wasnt given all the information. The training lady Jayme told me how incompetent and stupid I was. I tried emailing Dana and Donna who are In charge of all this and no reply. I then decided to create a new user name and what do you know they replied mainly Dana. She called me various names and brought my kids into the conversation. When I informed her that people I knew where getting harassed she said she didn’t have anything to do with it and to take it up to desi. To me it shows your admiring that something happened. Then I received an email saying she would file against me for harassment. When I emailed her back to show proof she never replied. That Dana lady kept running her mouth. She said I was white trash and downgraded my children. She said im pathetic and so on. I then informed both of them that if this does not stop and my friends or family members or me keep getting harassed and you don’t stop spreading my information around I will press legal charges. The only one that would reply to me was Dana. She said whatever if you put this much effort into your job you would have one good luck. To me I did put effort into it it’s not really my fault that they can’t reply back to me and then all of a sudden during this training than this lady jayme went off on me. If anyone has any info or how you handled this please let me know. I would stay away from this company if I were you.

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