I ordered 25 Honeycrisp apple trees from DNT Nursery…also known as Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC. These trees were intended for fall delivery of 2013. They were received in early December of 2013. Seedling apple trees are just a 3 foot whip so it is imposible to identify the type of tree when it is dormant. It is now mid May of 2014 and the trees have started to leaf out. It is now very clear that these are not apple trees, let alone the variety of apple tree that was ordered. I do not know what they are. I contacted DNT Nursery customer service and very clearly explained the situation. I was told that they have a 24 hour complaint period and that there is nothing they can do. I explained that the trees were not identified as incorect until they grew leaves. DNT Nursury said that is my problem and they will not help. I told them I do not want a refund but I do want the correct trees sent. They will do nothing. Please do not ever buy anything from DNT Nursery or Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. They do not stand behind their products.

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