We had our worst time between morning and afternoon the last day. Paul arrived about after 2 hours when the service was been scheduled and with a very lame excuse. If he was getting late he would have informed the company to send some other technician. Our gas clothes dryer wasn’t firing at all. It was a second-hand machine that we purchased but is new for us as this is the first dryer machine for our home.
He first spent an hour to get the issue to know and then another 2 hours to rectify it and only to know that it is finally completely not working at all. He as not competent at all and wasted our time for it. For an expert, it does not take so much time only to detect that the machine is not working and the issue behind it. The representative wasted 3 long hours of ours only to say that the cloth dryer is not working and we need to replace it.
I took half day leave yesterday so that the cloth dryer to be sorted but then my full day and money was wasted. Incompetent people and unprofessional team to deal with.
Now that money wasted, my dryer is completely not working and when I rechecked it with some other technician, they informed me that now I have to buy a new one which is a loss of a lot of money. And then I complained and they do not agree. They said that my machine was already in a bad situation when the technician arrived.
It was a painful experience for me to have these service providers at home, waste time, money and energy and finally not get rectified.

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