Complaint: Everyone who has experienced the Doba problem: please ALSO file with the BBB Summer 2013 I decided to launch an online natural healing resource. I was contacted by a web company out of Orem Utah that promised me that for $16,000 in training I’d make six+ figures at a few hurs per week. I could use links, drop-shippers, more and they would help me set everything up. I declined the obvious scam. Two days later, I received a call from “Dave”” at Doba wondering how my web training was going. I thought he was from this first company so I explained I wanted nothing to do with them. He ignored this and explained the Doba claim of annual $399 membership gives me rights to greatly discounted product lines drop-shipped. BUT

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Address: you have to join and pay to see their offerings. There is a “”free trial”” but that only lets you see a very small portion of their products for cost comparison. This very small selection looks pretty good. I agreed to the annual membership–Dave explicity and very clearly (I asked several times to be sure) that I had only to log in 4X and if I hadn’t earned more than my membership than no questions asked cancel. I spent days searching through products that were not competitively priced. In fact

Website: didn’t they promise discounted goods

Phone: some of them cost me more to obtain via Doba than if I go to the local store or order from fairly marked-up sites (not eBay or Amazon). I called Dave and said this was not going to work. Dave’s reply was that it didn’t matter that their products would cost more. I had to add value through what I was writing in my blog — that’s how everyone else who uses Doba does it. Wow. So in other words