I purchased over $300 on dollyhair.com thru my paypal bank account. After 3 weeks had passed, with no shipments, I tried emailing and calling Kristina Amantula, the owner of Dolly Hair, and at first, no emails were returned. After I filed a paypal complaint- ( which was over a month since she got payment- therefor paypal wont give us our money back- I am out over $300) she then emailed us rude and arrogant emails, and threats. She never would provide a tracking , and unfortunately as I did not use a credit card, and it was taken direct from my bank, paypal wont help. I have never encountered any such website with such poor service and such blatant fraud. I cant believe that she can continue to do business and that paypal allows her to keep her account. In the meantime the hair we needed we can no longer afford till next year, so my 10 yr old child’s projects got put far behind on the back burner. And knowing she has my address and personal phone , and having her email threats- even telling me her brother lived in my city and would “handle this situation” if I continued to email her. I am a single mom, and this has become a situation which truly, is quite upsetting.

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