Chrestina Jones (Dolly Delights on eBay) purchased my copyrighted CDs in October of 2009. Each issue clearly had copyright on there. She purchased them under the ID alias panther*pink*2009 on eBay. Shipping was to C (Claude) Jones /PO Box 162 /Elwood, NJ 08217 (possibly an address for her trucking company and a box under her husband’s name.) The email address for the account was [email protected] She bought my work and has made a completely pirated Graphics CD of my work. nI have registered one of the stolen Graphics CDs with the US copyright office and have since started on registering new work to protect my work from dishonest people like Chrestina Jones. She claims to have the right to do this legally, however if this is her belief, why does she use front IDs to purchase other people’s work to resell as her own? (I am not her only victim)n nThe US copyright office assured me that the steps I took on my labeling should have been enough, but evidently eBay and of course Ms. Jones are going to make it difficult (but not impossible) to shut her down. I have had this on the back burner, but will again renew the pursuit of the removal of her stolen work from eBay & her website as well. I have gone through and documented more than when I previously filed with eBay and saved her “pleasant”” e-mails as well. I would tell you to beware of her

however like any theif

she will not advertise her intent using her real name. nMany thanks to the folks that assisted me with information gathering. n”

3204 Reading Ave, H Internet United States of America