OK, so this is not my first report about dolphin carpet and tile. However, this new event is just amazing. I wrote before about how dolphin carpte sold me defective wood floors. They failed to put down a water barrier b/c they said my house is dry! YIKES. I live in a hammock and when it is cool and the doors and windows are open b/c the temp is too low for a/c my floors are actually wet with dew in the mornings. I was sold the floors and pushed to buy the more expensive ones b/c I was told the stain goes all the way through so if it is scratched it won’t show. Wrong. The stain barely covers the floor. I was told the wood was from Portual however in fact it is from China. Yet another dolphin carpet lie…funny as in he lies like a rug,…well that is Jeff Stephens. Jeff told me I clean my floors wrong but when I asked what I should clean with he said he would go home and ask his wife and get back to me….and he sells them? YIKES again. Of course he never got back to me so either his wife does it wrong too or she just doesn’t clean. They had an “expert”” come to my house who told me I should hold a mister of water in the air about 5-6 feet from the mop. I should point the mister up to the ceiling and spray once and then just dust the floors. They don’t need anything else. A great big YIKES. It goes on and on. Although we bought wood for about 1800 sq feet they delivered floor board for about 5000 sq feet saying we will use it one day. I don’t want it but they won’t take it back. I am guessing b/c they have so many complaints the only way they can sell is by bullying and scamming people into wet china wood that’s all rotted. The best part is I just got an email from Jeff Stephens the a*s…oops assist. general manager. He demanded I take every complaint I have filed and every blog I have gone to and written about dolphin off and write retractions. What would I retract? Does he want me to lie??? and along with that Jeffie

what ever happened to our constitution? Maybe while he was looking on the map to see what province in China Portugal is in

he missed the history lesson that gives Americans all these constitutional rights…like freedom of speech. He says he will sue me if I do not immediately take off all my comments….and that is why we have an ACLU b/c of people just like Jeff.He must be a pleasure to live with at home!!! Wow Jeff

what will be next? A wip and chains to force anyone who walks through your doors to put their purse and credit card on the table and buy b/c no one would buy knowing what I know….. Maybe I should start a site; “”Don’t buy from these people.com“” Jeffie

you would make the top of my list.”