Ad in Craigslist for car priced under value with phone number 816 400 1462 (noting access code 400 is not within the 816 area code distribution) person responded to text only and say he listed for her sister and I need to contact her by email ([email protected]) said she would have more pictures and info.I contacted Lucy who then send me info including jpg files I believe they had some kind of malware as it would as for permission to use my contacts when I tried to open….of which I deniedI asked her where the car was and how to meet at which she sent me a story of how she came by the car and didn’t need it and hired Dom Auto Shippers to manage the sale….they (Dom)would ship it to me once I paid an invoice they (Dom) would send and manage the money in an escrow account till I was satisfied with the car….oh by the way the shipping would be free as another person had paid it, but back out of the deal earlier.I asked why not go in person and pay cash in person, Lucy then responded that Dom was not able to manage the transaction….I found it funny as Dom was to send the invoice and mange the money in Lucy’s earlier response..Lucy did provide me Dom’s phone number of which I was able to go to a web site that was newly created but saying they have been in business for 17 yearsI have not called them and have not proceeded any further as this smells like a scam.I would like feedback from Seattle BBB as to whether Dom Auto Shippers in Seattle is legit or not