Complaint: Today at Dom Demarcos, Las Vegas, NV was the WORST experience I’ve had at a restaurant in my ENTIRE LIFE! It happened on 9/10/2014 at 6:30pm. Went in for happy hour with a good friend. We had three beers each and a pizza. All was good. I mentioned to the waiter that I had a (20% off the total bill) coupon at the start of the meal and he said, “fine I’ll take it at the end.”” Note – Dom Demarcos puts these coupons out every month and they will not honor them. Read more. We finished our meal and I gave the waiter the 20% off coupon. He comes back and says the manager won’t honor this. I asked why. He said he’ll be out to tell you. I told the waiter before we ordered anything that we had a coupon. If this was true

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: why wasn’t I told before we ordered. Part of the scam… This guy comes out and stands over me with his arms folded (trying to intimidate me and my friend)

Website: you can’t get both. I told him

Phone: and tells me he’s the manager of the whole place and says