Complaint: Domino’s in Midwest City Oklahoma is one of the worst places to work for and have the most contaminated food that makes you sick everytime you eat it. They discriminate their customers and employees by only hiring certain types of people and keeping certian types of people and allow them to work there while they play along with the whole corrupt buiness dealings and commit so many violations of the law and codes of conduct and not to mention employee laws that have to do with pay, breaks, sexual harrassment and discrimination in the workplace, allow drugs and alcohol in the workplace etc they allow infestations ofmice and roaches. An incident kept happening so 8 mths ago an employee had to quit due to the rights being violated and his morals and reputation were being jeapordised so that the only option was to quit. This employee has 1st hand accounts of the above claims and was asked by the owners and management to let things go each time the violations and misconducted was reported. In doing so the employee was allowed un-employment under the Oklahoma Law but after the owners and mangement came up with lies to hide behind, un-employment was later denied. They do what ever it takes to deny you any un-employment and now that their store’s secret’s have been disclosed their employees harrass people with bad opinions of their store by stalking online comments or post and e-mailing or texting when they are brought up. Here is a little exerpt from an e-mail recently by Brenda Bowels (or Bowles) the G.M. who is the reason for MANY employees quital of her company to prove her bad business dealings clearly:(facebook)Brenda Bowles April 4, 2011 3:38A.M. report”It’s too bad you have to bring up crap that happend a year ago! YOU are just a SORE LOOSER because you COULDN’T collect un-employment

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Address: WE fought it and WON! We haven’t ever had to pay un-emplyment

Website: he didn’t put it in writing and the Un-employment commission is’nt smart enough to ask for further proof. I could have let him receive un-employment becasue he was in the right and truly deserved it but since YOU tried to call TOW TRUCKS

Phone: NOPE NOT ONCE! You know why? I’m smarter than you think and I knew exactly what to say (he didn’t ask for a transfer) even though he did