I purchased what I thought was a 3 pound at most, stud quality male. From WWW.YORKIEBABIEDOLLS.COM from Don Montgomery. nWhat I received at the air port was a 3 pound starved pup, ridden with coccidia, a second row of teeth, and definitely not of breeding quality. He is now a 6 pounder with a terrible coat and huge ears. But it gets worse, 2 months later he starts limping on his back leg. He was diagnosed with leg-calf Perthes disease and required a $1500 dollar surgery. nThis disease is inherited from this parents or someone in his parents line, I told Don about this yet he still breeds both the parents EVERY SINGLE HEAT! He has way to many females and I know now that he is running a puppymill. nDon offers a health guarantee but he does not stand by it at all. I am just devastated that I did not do my research on THE BREEDER before I purchased. Don does all his business through the internet, so please spread the word on his horrible puppymill and hopefully we can put him out of business. nP.S. Fabio had his surgery and is recovering great! nJessicanStockton, CaliforniaU.S.A.

P.o. Box 90, Arkoma Oklahoma Arkoma, Oklahoma U.S.A.


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