Complaint: I returned a package of defective buffing pads to an Auto Zone store no.0477, the manager refused to refund the cost, I E-Mailed the home office and all hell broke loose. The manager was instructed to refund the mere $5.29 which he did and gave me a royal cussing and said he did not want any further business with me. PLUS he told some of my family members that I had called all of the employs M-F’s and I made the statement that Auto-Zone didn’t give a sh-t about their customers. He told me that he did not want me in his store again, and the worst thing I said during the whole incident was I didn’t have to do business with smart alec managers. I have not contacted Auto-Zone again, I do not thing they would listen to a customer over one of their store managers.

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: store no.0477 at5908 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A.


Phone: (502)239-4441