I was married to my ex and living in Lincoln when she found him on Facebook. She had known my ex when they were in their 20’s and would disappear for days together to go get high and screw each other, leaving my ex’s first wife and five young children to fend for themselves with no money, no gas, and no electricity. She was married and living in Virginia at the time she starting messaging him. My ex had a business trip to West Virginia and hooked up with her while he was on this trip. I figured out that something was going on and figured out who this whore was and what they were doing. || Like an idiot, I tried to make my marriage work and went to counseling when he came home. He tried to break up with her, but she was relentless. She cried and begged him to come back to her. My ex eventually left me to be a single mother to our disabled son and moved her out to Lincoln so they could be together. They got married before the ink was dry on my divorce. Now she is so huge that her health is crap. Serves her right for cheating with him during 2 marriages. Karma can be an even bigger b*tch when it involves a low life skank like her. Guess her leg spreading days are over since she is so huge, nobody could possibly want any of that mess.