I purchased a sweatshirt from this company back in September 2004 it is now December and I have not received my order. I tried going online to check my order on there website and email them if necessary but when I did a google search for there website I noticed lots of complaints for this company. And when I tried www.dookiewear.com it obviously doesn’t exist anymore. I have recently taken some kind of action from my local news company asking for an investigation done on this company, not sure how successful they will be. I also mentioned numerous other complaints to this same company so hopefully someone will be able to do something about this. It’s horrible that people have to rip-off others to get money, where is there self respect? Good luck to everyone else who has had problems with this company and I hope we all someday get some kind of return from this. ? nTariesanEast Falmouth, MassachusettsU.S.A.

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